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There is no need to type commands in game ever again with QuickSpeech. Multiple functions and speech strings just a keystroke away.

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Key Output
F1 "Heal please!" (configurable in txt file)
F2 "Thanks!" (configurable in txt file)
F3 "Move in!" (configurable in txt file)
F4 "MP please!" (configurable in txt file)
F8 /teleport PLAYERNAME (configurable in txt file)
` (left of 1) Pauses/unpauses game
Right Click Shift click (configurable in txt file)
ALT + Right Click Right Click
Middle Click F5 (configurable in txt file)
Typing "plz" or "pls" or spamming "@" Reconnect to Tutorial
/tp /teleport
CTRL + F8 Close QuickSpeech.exe

Q: Is there a Mac version?
A: There isn't officially, however if you can get IronAHK working on your Mac I can send you the AHK file to run.

Q: How do I customize messages?
A: Open "configuration.txt" and edit the lines of text corresponding to the F1 - F4 keys.

Q: How do I add a teleport buddy?
A: Open "configuration.txt" and edit the line with the player name. This command is triggered with the F8 key.

Q: If I type "plz" or "pls", why do I get sent to tutorial?
A: No one likes a beggar and that spelling is frowned upon here.

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